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Dusty C.
Music Student, Worship Leader 

When I started taking lessons, I just wanted to learn to play guitar, but it has become so much more. Leah definitely challenges me and pushes me to do my best. Without her, I would not be leading worship once a month at church. Thank you for the encouragement you give, which has helped me step outside my comfort zone and do things I didn't think I could do. God brought us together for a reason.

Leah was the Worship Pastor at our church where I am working as the Youth Pastor. While Leah and I were working together, she took it upon herself to make it her mission to develop an entirely student led worship team. Leah took Jr. High and High School students who had the desire to learn to play instruments and sing in order to lead others in worship and she built a solid team. Our student ministry is still benefiting from Leah's heart and desire to build a team to lead others in worship. I am grateful for Leah and her ministry. She is an excellent teacher, motivator and encourager. I highly recommend Leah to teach music to anyone who has a desire and a passion for music.

I sing as part of my job and Leah took the time to help me out. Her expertise, her care and direction were INCREDIBLY helpful. I cannot recommend Leah enough. She does a great job. She knows what she's doing. She's a pro's pro. If you need help vocally, Leah's the one to help. 100 percent!

Zack K.

Vocal Coaching Student,
Worship Leader

 Nick McCall
Youth Pastor at ThornCreek Church


I pride myself in being Leah's first official music student. Leah has been a mentor, teacher, and friend. She will encourage you to do things that will better yourself and your musical abilities. Because of Leah, I went into leading worship as a profession. She taught me music theory, guitar, singing, writing music, and so much more that helps me as a worship leader. Before Leah helped me, I wouldn't speak in front of people. Now I can read the Bible, pray and talk comfortably in front of a congregation. 

Leah will push you out of your comfort zone and help you learn more than you'd imagine you'd even want to learn. She will see the best in you and will help you shine.

Alexa Forsythe
Former Student, Worship Leader


Leah taught me voice lessons and mentored me in worship while I was in high school. She helped me to better myself as a worship leader through guiding me in how to better use my instrument as well as giving me practical tips about things such as stage presence. When I was a junior in high school, I was her worship intern and learned so much about what it meant to be a worship leader on and off the platform. She helped me to gain a well-rounded knowledge of worship ministry from singing to lighting to operating and programming pro presenter.  I learned invaluable lessons about how to care for and cultivate a team in a special, God-driven way. Leah is extremely gifted in team building. She knew how to get people on board as well as steward them once they were a part of the team. As a high schooler, I thought she made serving in worship ministry look like the coolest thing ever. She understands what it looks like to be an effective worship leader, but more than that, she understands what it looks like to experience worship in the beautiful way that God has intended for us to worship here on earth."

Faith Chatten
Former student & worship Intern.

Graduate from the University of Mississippi (Music Major)
Worship Leader


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