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Leah has been playing music for over 20 years. She plays guitar, piano, ukulele and sings.

Leah has a BS in Music (major in vocal performance and a minor in piano.)

She has taught lessons for 15+ years and has worked with hundreds of students, teaching them guitar, piano, ukulele & singing, as well as audition preparation, music theory & more!

Leah does not use one singular teaching method in her lessons.  She believes that every student is a unique individual with various strengths, challenges and learning style.  This means that each student is able to have a large say in how they want to structure their lessons.  Whether you are wanting to learn to read music, understand music theory, or simply learn to play songs, Leah will customize each lesson based upon each individual student!

Leah is incredibly experienced with teaching a wide variety of students.  She has taught students ranging from age 4 to their mid sixties.  Leah has also worked for many years with students who have specific challenges.  She has worked with students who have ADD/ADHD, high functioning & low functioning autism and children with behavioral challenges. 

Leah is a former Worship Pastor and has worked with numerous teams and worship leaders in churches across the country.  She loves working with those who have a heart and passion for worship and enjoys coaching individuals and teams who desire to learn and grow and become more impactful in leading the church in worship. 



To educate, equip and empower students with skills that can enrich their life and help them experience the joy of music.


To see every student, regardless of their age, learn new skills, overcome challenges and grow in their abilities.

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“I’ve been taking lessons with Leah for several years.  She has helped me grow with singing, piano, and has helped me so much with music theory and auditioning for different choirs at my school!

— Katie, Voice & Piano Student

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