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Choose from guitar, piano, ukulele or vocal lessons. You can choose one type or try all 4!

Kids Group Music Classes are also available for children ages 3-5!


Do you need help preparing for a school audition? Are you wanting to get into a music program at a University? Leah can help!


Learn more and grow in the art of songwriting!
Receive help with creating a song from scratch or how to take an idea you already have and turn it into a

complete song!


Are you interested in learning to read music and understand it in a greater way? Whether you are starting from scratch or you already have a basic foundation and want to learn more, music theory lessons are a great option for you

*Virtual Lessons available!
(Leah teaches virtual lessons to students in states across America as well as students in other countries!

Voice & Piano Student

Leah is such a great music teacher to have around. She is there to help you and help you grow as a talented musician. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have the courage and strength to pass my BFA in Musical Theatre Audition. She has helped me grow so much.

What people have to say about
Music Lessons

Piano Student

It is not easy to find a piano teacher for an older adult. Leah was very willing to take me on. Leah knows how to curb frustration, encourage, and celebrate when music finally comes together and laugh. She has made learning fun.


Voice & Piano Student

Leah is a very patient teacher.  It is very relaxing playing music and very fun. Music lessons has helped me grow. Lessons with Leah have definitely made me better with playing and singing.

Voice & Piano Student

Leah has made voice lessons so enjoyable! She explains everything thoroughly in a way I can understand. She has taught me so much including music theory, piano and using my voice to glorify God! I couldn't be more thankful for Leah and everything she's taught me.

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